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Motorhome rental Terms and Conditions

Below are the Terms and Conditions to hire a Motorhome, and the details that form the basis of a Rental Contract.

This Rental Contract is made between the Owner of the motorhome and you (the Hirer), and is subject to these Terms.

These Terms detail the protections offered to both parties through using this platform. By using this website, both parties agree to these terms and any relevent part of the Owner Terms of Service.

1.    Definitions

Within these terms and conditions the following words and expressions shall have the subsequent meanings:

"Booking Deposit" means the booking deposit of £100 per hire payable by you to confirm your booking of the Motorhome;

"Contact Information" means your personal details, including your full name, email address and telephone numbers, as entered by you when setting up a Hirer Profile;

"Daily Rate" means the daily rate used in the Website calculation and payable by you for each day or part thereof that you are late in returning the Motorhome to the Return Point;

"Handover Condition Report" means the joint report undertaken by you and the Owner upon collection of the Motorhome, and also to be signed on the return of the vehicle;

"Hirer" means you, the one hiring the Motorhome. All references to "you" means the Hirer. The Hirer may be distinct from the Primary Driver of the motorhome.

"Hirer Profile" means your details to be completed by you at the time of booking. This will form the basis of communication and act as a centralised location from which you are able to stay informed about your hire;

"Insurance" means the fully comprehensive road risk self drive hire insurance for the Motorhome.

"Insurance Excess" refers to the amount you are liable for in the event that you damage the vehicle beyond repair during your hire. The specifics of this will depend on the value of the vehicle hired;

"Motor Rental Agreement" (or "Rental Agreement") means the schedule containing details of the Rental Contract which forms part of these Terms;

"Motorhome" means the motorhome as is described in the Reservation Details;

"Owner" means the legal Owner(s) of the Motorhome whose contact details will be supplied to you prior to the Pick Up Date

"Pick Up Date" means the date and time that the Hirer is to collect the Motorhome, the standard Pick Up Time is from 14:00am and to be agreed with the Owner.

"Pick Up Location" means the place stated in the Reservation Details or subsequently supplied to the Hirer from where the Motorhome is to be collected upon the Start Date;

"Primary Driver" refers to the person solely responsible for the well-being of the motorhome whilst on hire. May be distinct from the Hirer.

"Rental Contract" or "Rental Agreement" means the contract for the rental of the Motorhome in accordance with and incorporating the Reservation Details and Terms;

"Rental Damage Deposit" (or “Rental Security Deposit”) means a deposit of at least £1,000 paid by bank transfer by you prior to the pick up of the Motorhome, to be used in the event of damage to the motorhome;

"Reservation Details" means, inter alia, the details of the Motorhome, its location, the hire period, the cost of hire, the number of named drivers and travel region as described on the Website and which forms part of these Terms;

"Rental Payment" means the full payment due from you for the hire of the Motorhome (inclusive of the Booking Deposit) in accordance with the Rental Contract;

"Rental Term" means the period commencing on the Pick Up Date and ending on the date upon which the Motorhome is returned to the Return Point, the standard return time is between 9:00am and 11:00am to be mutually agreed.

"Return Date" means the date and time stated in the Motor Rental Agreement upon which the Hirer is to return the Motorhome to the Return Point;

"Return Point" means the location stated in the Reservation Details to where the Motorhome is to be returned on the Return Date;

"Return Report" means the joint report undertaken by you and the Owner upon return of the Motorhome;

"Terms" means these terms and conditions;

2.    Your contract with the Owner

1.     When confirming your booking online, you will be required to confirm your acceptance of these Terms, which will govern your rental of the Motorhome. Please read these Terms carefully as they are intended to be and are legally binding. If there is anything you do not understand or do not agree with, please contact the Motorhome Owner.

2.     If you decide to cancel your booking or do not arrive to collect the Motorhome on the Pick Up Date, charges may be made as are explained in these Terms.

3.     Upon the payment of the full Rental Fee, you agree to providing the necessary paperwork with contact details with the Owner and it is your responsibility to check and provide the required documents. 

4.     Periodically, we may update or clarify our Terms of Service. The date of each update will be noted at the top and bottom of this page. When agreeing to these Terms, you are also agreeing to any subsequent updates to the Terms of Service. If you disagree with any revised Terms, it will be your responsibility to note these.

3.    Term

1.     The rental of the Motorhome is for the period from the Pick Up Date to the Return Date. If you fail to return the Motorhome to the Return Point on the Return Date you are in breach of these Terms and will be charged for every day or part-day after the Return Date you fail to return the Motorhome to the Return Point.

2.     Depending on the season, there is a minimum 3 day, 5 day or 8 day hire period. The minimum hire period when travelling overseas is 7 days (one week).

4.    Reservations, bookings and deposit

1.     To book a Motorhome you must:-

  1. complete the Hirer's online form

  2. confirm your acceptance of these Terms

  3. provide payment of the hire (processed on acceptance from the Owner)

  4. provide copies of all driver’s licences

  5. provide payment details for a damage deposit

  6. provide 2 independent proof of address by utility bills and not including mobile phone.

  7. complete and sign the Rental Agreement and Condition Report upon collection and return

2.     The Owner will then confirm your booking by return email to the email address stated on the Hirer's Profile, whereupon the Rental Contract between the Owner and you is confirmed.

3.         Your payment will be processed for the amount detailed upon acceptance of the Reservation by the Owner.

Any subsequent development that may lead to a need for recompense will be limited to the return of your full Rental Fee.

4.     Once your reservation has been accepted


  1. if you have chosen to pay a deposit; the Rental Payment less the Booking Deposit, four weeks prior to the Pick Up Date. If the booking date is less than four weeks prior to the Pick Up Date, the Rental Payments will be taken upon the booking date and will include the Booking Deposit - no 'deposit payment' will be available within four weeks of the hire; and

  2. one week prior to the Pick Up Date, a pre-authorisation for a Rental Damage Deposit will be required from yourself.

If one, any or all of these payments is rejected or denied then the Owner is entitled to cancel the Rental Contract.

5.     Any documentation requested by the Owner must be received by at least four weeks prior to the Pick Up Date or, if the date of booking is less than four weeks prior to the Pick Up Date, within 4 days of the booking date. If the date of booking is less than 4 days before the Pick Up Date, you must contact the Owner with regard to delivery of documents.

6.     In the event that the Owner does not receive any documents requested at least 4 days prior to the Pick Up Date, the Owner reserves the right to cancel the Rental Contract and retain all payments made.

7.     Fees and Payment - In the event that Owner does not receive any payments requested at least 4 days prior to the Pick Up Date, the Owner reserves the right to cancel the Rental Contract and retain all payments made.

  1. It is the Hirer's responsibility to ensure that the Motorhome Rental Fees, Damage Deposit and any other fees and expenses relating to the Motorhome Hire (some of which may be subject to a separate agreement) are paid in full. Unless the Owner agrees otherwise in writing, the Fees should be paid in full within 4 weeks of the hire start date, whether directly by the Hirer, or on the Hirer's behalf by a third party (such as a relative, employer or other sponsor). The Rental Damage Deposit pre-authorisation is due 7 days prior to the hire start date.

  2. All payments made through this Online Payment Facility must be made in Pounds Sterling. Any currency conversion costs or other charges incurred in making the payment or in processing a refund shall be borne by the Hirer or the third party making payment, and shall not be deductible from the Fees due to the Owner.

  3. Please read these terms carefully before using the online payments facility. Using the online payments facility on this website indicates that you accept these terms. If you do not accept these terms do not use this facility.

  4. We may also want to consider to asking for a landline telephone number for the card holder so that they may be called to confirm they agree to the payment/pre authorisation being taken.

8.     Until the Owner has accepted a reservation, you are able to request a cancellation at no charge. The Owner is required to confirm a reservation before any contact details can be exchanged. This is to protect you, the Hirer.

9.     Once a reservation has been accepted, you will have a 24-hour cool off period with which to request a cancellation. Past this cool off period, cancellation charges will apply. This cool-off period commences from the moment an Owner accepts your Reservation Request, rather than from the completion of the Reservation Request.

 5.    Your responsibilities

1.     You (also refers to the Primary Driver, if different) must complete and sign a Rental Contract with the Owner at collection of the motorhome.

2.     You must complete a Handover Condition Report of the Motorhome with the Owner to identify the state of repair of the Motorhome and any damage prior to its pick up.

3.     You must look after the Motorhome and the keys to it. You must always keep the Motorhome locked securely at all times when unattended, ensuring that you use any and all security device(s) fitted to or supplied with the Motorhome. You must keep the keys about your person at all times.

4.     You must protect the Motorhome against any adverse weather conditions that can cause damage to the Motorhome.

5.     You must ensure that you use the correct fuel for the Motorhome.

6.     You must not sell, rent or dispose of the Motorhome or any of its parts, fixtures, fittings or items added by the Owner or otherwise.

7.     You must not grant to anyone legal rights over the Motorhome.

8.     You must not let anyone work on the Motorhome without the Owner's permission. If the Owner does grant you permission to proceed with work, you will only receive a refund if you have a valid VAT receipt for the work and the works carried out have been authorised by the Owner.

9.     You must let the Owner know as soon as you become aware of any fault in or with the Motorhome.

10.   You must return the Motorhome to the Return Point on the Return Date. Until the Motorhome is safely returned to the Owner you will remain responsible for the Motorhome. The Owner must inspect the Motorhome before it is handed back to them so that the Owner can ensure that they are satisfied with the condition in which it has been returned.

11.   You are responsible for any loss or damage to the Motorhome caused by negligence, misuse or otherwise, whether or not such loss or damage was caused by you.

12.   You must complete a Return Report with the Owner to identify the state of repair of the Motorhome and any damage upon return. Any points as to the state of repair on which you disagree must be clearly identified. In the absence of such identification, you will be deemed to accept the content of the Return Report in its entirety.

13.   You will have to pay for costs of repair of any interior or exterior damage or loss to the Motorhome or its equipment.

14.   Before you return the Motorhome you must ensure you have not left any personal belongings in the Motorhome. The Owner is under an obligation to return any such belongings left by you.

15.   If you feel the Standard of the Motorhome or the service of the Owner does not meet your expectations, you must take evidence and provide examples of the issue so that a decision can be reached over compensation. Without evidence, the Owner may be unable to provide compensation in the event of a disagreement.

16. Before the hire, the Owner may send guidelines on how to avoid damaging the motorhome during your trip. These guidelines are not intended to be comprehensive and do not constitute legal advice, nor are they intended to be used as a substitute for a thorough handover of the motorhome.

6.    Towing

You and any other driver must not use the Motorhome for towing unless you have prior written permission from the Owner to do so.

7.    The Driver

 1.    No-one other than the Primary Driver and any other driver named in the Motor Rental Agreement may drive the Motorhome during the Rental Term.

2.     No-one may drive the Motorhome unless they are aged between 25 and 70 years of age (inclusive) during the Rental Term unless otherwise agreed with the Owner.

3.     Each driver must hold, and have held at the Pick Up Date for at least 3 consecutive years, a valid UK Driving Licence, other UK-valid National Licence or a valid International Driving Licence. Please note that we are unable to insure Drivers who have received any more than 9 penalty points on their licence, or any AC, BA, CD, DD, DR, IN, TT or UT convictions on their driving licence within at least the last five years.

4.     Every driver must have completed a Hirer's Profile before driving the Motorhome.

5.     The Primary Driver and any other driver of the Motorhome must not:

  1. use the Motorhome for hire or reward;

  2. use the Motorhome for any illegal purpose;

  3. use the Motorhome for either racing, pacemaking, testing the Motorhome's reliability and speed and or teaching someone to drive;

  4. use the Motorhome whilst under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs; or

  5. drive the Motorhome outside England, Scotland and Wales, unless you have requested this in your booking.

 8.    Rental Damage Deposit

 1.     The minimum value of this Rental Damage Deposit is £1,000.00, although you will be responsible for paying for all damages up to and including the insurance excess amount.

2.     The condition of the Motorhome upon its return will be compared against the condition of the Motorhome upon its pick up by reference to the difference, if any, described in the Handover and Condition Report and the Return Report. The Primary Driver (if different to the Hirer) will be responsible for agreeing to this comparison both before and after the hire. By agreeing to these Terms, you agree that the Primary Driver is responsible for signing the Handover and Condition Report, regardless of whose card has been submitted to cover the Rental Damage Deposit.

3.     Provided the Motorhome is returned to the Return Point on the Return Date in the same condition as at the Pick Up Date with a clean interior and there are no other extra charges, no payment will be charged to your card. Once the Owner has informed us that the vehicle has been returned safely, you will be informed of the release of your Rental Damage Deposit responsibilities via email.

4.     Should the Motorhome be returned in a worse condition than at the Pick Up Date, then the payment will be claimed in order to cover the cost of these repairs, replacements or cleaning costs. This payment shall be referred to as the Rental Damage Deposit.

5.     You will also be liable for any additional charges for reparations, replacements or cleaning required as a result of the Hire if the Rental Damage Deposit amount is insufficient to cover the cost of these, up until the point that the motorhome is restored back to condition agreed to on the Hire Pick Up Date.

6.     This paragraph 8 is without prejudice to the rights of the Owner to recover from you, whether under these Terms or otherwise, any sums due in excess of the Rental Damage Deposit for damage or loss howsoever caused to the Motorhome during the Rental Term.

7.     The following surcharges may be charged to you after returning the motorhome. These charges will be deducted from your Rental Damage Deposit. In the event of the Rental Damage Deposit being insufficient due to other damages/insurance claims, these charges will be taken from the credit card information supplied on your completed cardholder authority.

Toilet not emptied


Upholstery stains


Dirty interior or exterior


Ban on smoking not adhered to


Ban on animals not adhered to


8.     Motorhome repairs – The following schedule is a reference to the cost of repair and not an exhaustive list. The actual cost to you can be a greater or lesser amount, based on the actual cost of repair.

Compressor Kit Replacement


Tyre damage


Wheel Damage


Wheel arch damage


Wing mirror damage


Wing mirror housing damage


Running light damage


Damaged toilet cassette


Damaged interior light


Table damage


Window crack


Windscreen crack


Dint less than 50 mm


Damage to front bumper


Half skirt damage


Full skirt length


Rear bumper


Bike rack


Damage to water pump


9.     You must pay any and all fines and costs (including court costs) incurred for parking, traffic or other offences, congestion charges (including any costs which arise if the Motorhome is clamped). You must pay to the appropriate authority any fines and costs if and when the authority demands this payment. If you do not, you will be responsible for paying any costs and reasonable administration charges incurred by  the Owner in dealing with these matters.

10.   You are liable for any charges arising from HMRC or Immigration Authorities seizing the Motorhome, together with a loss of income charge for the full period during which the Owner cannot rent out the Motorhome as a consequence.

11.   You must pay any published or agreed rates for delivering and collecting the motorhome directly to the motorhome Owner by bank transfer.

12.   Interest will be added every day to any amount you do not pay on time, at the rate of 4% a year above the base lending rate of National Westminster Bank plc.

13.   Value added tax and all other taxes on any of the charges listed above, as appropriate.

14.   You must pay the Daily Rate for every day or part day for which you fail to return the Motorhome to the Return Point.

15.   The Motorhome Group shall act as arbiter in the event of any dispute between the Owner and the Hirer as to the amount of Rental Damage Deposit (if any) to be refunded to the Hirer. Subject to condition 8.5, the Motorhome Group’s decision shall be final.

16.   You are liable to pay up to the Insurance Policy Excess (per incident) if costs of repairs are expected to exceed £1,200.00.

17.   You are liable to pay a minimum administration charge of £50 for damage up to £500, £100 for damage up to £1000 and £200 for damage over £1000.

18. If the Owner attempts to claim the Rental Damage Deposit without success, you may be charged an additional amount for any legal proceedings started against you until the cost of reparations to the hired motorhome have been paid in full.

20. You may be able to find a waiver for the Rental Damage Deposit from an external company, but the Owner will still require access to at least £1,000.00 from a payment card of your choosing in advance for the hire. Should any of this payment be claimed by us, you will then need to reclaim the amount from the external company. We cannot accept payment details or guarantees from any external company in place of this Rental Damage Deposit.


 9.    Insurance

 1.     The Primary Driver and any other named driver will be insured for the period from the Pick Up Date and time to the Return Date and time as stated in the Rental Agreement (see below). This is organised by the owner unless otherwise stated on your Rental Agreement.

2.     The cost of the Insurance is fully included within the Rental Payment.

3.     Upon pick up of the Motorhome, the Owner will supply you with a Motorhome Rental Agreement as confirmation of Insurance Cover.

4.     The owner reserves the right to take action against you to recover the full cost of all loss, repairs and damage suffered by the Motorhome during the Rental Term which is not covered by Insurance, even if this in excess of the Rental Damage Deposit.

5.     You shall be liable for paying the excess of each and any claim(s) made under the Insurance, with such sums to be deducted from the Rental Damage Deposit and if insufficient paid by you within 7 days of written demand. Depending on the value of the vehicle damaged, this excess may exceed the £1,000.00 Rental Damage Deposit amount.

6.     The following are excluded from the Insurance cover:

  • Damage to the windscreen and windows;

  • Damage to tyres caused by braking, punctures, cuts or bursts;

  • Mechanical, electrical, electronic, computer failures, breakdowns or breakages;

  • Loss of use, wear and tear, depreciation in value of the Motorhome after a claim has been made under the Insurance policy;

  • Claims involving fraud or deception;

  • Claims resulting from "taking away" incidents where the Motorhome is taken by a member of your family, household or by someone with a close personal relationship with you;

  • Claims resulting from anyone driving the Motorhome (with or without your permission) who has not been included in the Hirer's Profile;

  • Theft as a result of keys remaining in the Motorhome whilst unoccupied;

  • The first 25% of the value of any claim for loss or damage following theft or attempted theft of the Motorhome by the hirer;

  • Loss or damage to, or theft of, the TV, radio, stereo equipment, and aerials;

  • Interior damage including burns to seats, carpets and other damage;

  • Vandalism damage of any kind to the Motorhome;

  • Damage or loss of personal effects within or from the Motorhome;

  • Damage or loss to the awning of a vehicle;

7. A full breakdown of the cost of the insurance (seperated from the Hire Payment) is available on request.

10. Theft

You (or the Primary Driver, if different) are entirely responsible for the security of the Motorhome. You must ensure that, if the Motorhome is left unattended at any time, it is securely locked and parked in a safe, well-lit location. You must take every precaution to prevent loss from or theft of the Motorhome.

11. Fuel, oil and gas

 1.     A full tank of fuel is supplied with the Motorhome upon pick up of the Motorhome and you must return the Motorhome with a full tank of fuel. Any fuel shortage will be charged to you separately from the Rental Damage Deposit. You will be liable for all repair costs if the incorrect fuel type is used.

2.     You are responsible for the regular checking of oil and water levels and the use of the correct type of fluids during the Rental Term.

3.     Two gas cylinders are provided at the time of hire, at least one of which will be completely full. The cost of any refills thereafter shall be your responsibility and you shall ensure that two bottles of the same size and make as taken out are returned with the Motorhome. A charge of £25 from the Rental Damage Deposit will be made if at least one completely full gas cylinder of the same size as and make as the one taken out is not returned with the Motorhome.

4.     Transporting generators that require fuel can invalidate the insurance; therefore generators are not permitted.

 12. Mileage

1.     Unlimited mileage is included with all bookings, subject to a fair usage policy of 1000 miles per week.

2.     When making a booking you should supply a hire mileage estimate. This forms part of the Rental Contract. If your mileage estimate breaches the fair usage policy, the Owner may charge you £0.35 per additional mile to compensate the Owner.

3.     The total hire mileage must be marked on the Return Report when returning the Motorhome. If the mileage travelled during the Rental Term is more than the estimate given by you, the owner will charge you £0.35 per additional mile.

 13. Cancellations

All cancellations must be in writing, addressed to the owner and are charged as follows.

1.     The first £100 per hire week is not refundable under any circumstances (where the Hirer has to cancel).

2.     If a cancellation notice is received 28 days or more before but excluding the Pick Up Date, the Owner shall refund the Rental Payment less the above £100 charge. The Rental Damage Deposit will not be charged if the hire is cancelled and provided no other sums are unpaid by way of deposit or otherwise.

3.     If the cancellation notice is received within the period of 28 days before and including the Pick Up Date, the Owner will be entitled to the full amount of the Rental Payment. Provided no other sums are unpaid by way of deposit or otherwise, the Rental Damage Deposit shall not be charged.

14. Pick up and return

1.     The Motorhome will be available for pick up from the Pick Up Location on the Pick Up Date and must be returned to the Return Point by appointment with the Owner, between 0900 and 1300 on the Return Date. Any delay in returning the Motorhome will result in you being charged the Daily Rate for each day or part thereof for which you fail to return the Motorhome to the Return Point. No refund is given for the early return of the Motorhome.

2.    On collection of the vehicle, you will be shown how to operate the motorhome by the Owner or somebody designated by the Owner. You should allow for between 45 minutes and an hour to go through this on the Pick-Up Date, and at least 30 minutes on the Return Date to hand the vehicle back to the Owner. The Owner will perform a Handover/Take back,. It is highly recommended that you spend as much time as possible making sure that you understand how everything in the vehicle works before setting off.

3.    You must acknowledge upon pick up that the Motorhome and it's contents are free from any defect or damage, fit for purpose and complete (other than as specified in the Handover Condition Report). On collection, you are advised to check the Motorhome thoroughly before departure. The breakdown or malfunction of equipment after the Motorhome has been handed over by the Owner will not be accepted as reason to abort or cancel the Rental Contract, though any such fault should be rectified by the Owner as soon as possible (if possible).

4.      If a fault cannot be rectified within twenty-four hours from the Pick Up Date, the Owner will seek to provide an alternative motorhome. If the alternative arrangements are not acceptable to the Hirer, the full balance of the Rental Payment (including the Booking Deposit) will be paid back to the Hirer.

5.     Upon the return of the Motorhome, the Owner will check the Motorhome for damage, cleanliness, fuel, condition of the tyres, windscreen, bumpers, rooflights, mirrors, doors and internal habitation equipment and complete the Return Report jointly with you. If damage has occurred during your trip, it is your responsibility to inform the Owner of the nature of this so that sufficient repairs can be made. 

15. Availability

1.     Every effort is made to ensure that the Motorhome confirmed is available. If, due to circumstances beyond the Owner's control which could not reasonably have been foreseen or avoided at any point up until the Pick Up Date (including but not limited to damages to the vehicle) the booked Motorhome is not available, the Owner reserves the right to offer a suitable alternative. This may be a motorhome of a similar size or larger. If an alternative is not acceptable to or at the request of the Hirer, the Rental Payment will be refunded in full (including the Booking Deposit). This forms the basis of a Vehicle Guarantee. You are entitled to receive back any payments made to Owner in the event that you do not travel due to the above circumstances.

2.     If an alternative is not available, the liability of Owner will be limited to the refund of all monies paid to the Owner by you. The Owner can accept responsibility or pay any compensation for costs or expenses where the performance of the Rental Contract with the Owner is prevented or affected, or you otherwise suffer any loss or damage as a result of events beyond either the Owner's reasonable control. Such loss or damage includes any delays to and or restrictions on your travels to which you may be subject.

 16. Suitable persons

 1.     The Owner reserves the right to refuse to hand over a Motorhome to any person who, in the reasonable opinion of the Owner, is not suitable to take charge of the Motorhome. In such cases of refusal, all payments made by the Hirer will be refunded in full, but the Owner will have any further liability in relation to the aborted hire, nor to the person to whom hire was refused.

2.     The Owner reserves the right to cancel the hire if at the Pick Up Date or at any time during the Rental Term it becomes apparent that any of the drivers' licence(s) are invalid or not in accordance with the Hirer's Profile. In these circumstances all payments made by the Hirer will be forfeited. It is your responsibility to ensure that all designated drivers comply with the terms of the Rental Agreement.

17. Animals

No animals may be taken into or on the Motorhome unless the Owner has indicated acceptance within the description of the Motorhome as displayed on the Website, or unless expressly specified by the Owner in writing. Please be advised that breakdown recovery agents are not obliged to carry animals in their vehicles.

18. Smoking

Smoking is not generally permitted in the Motorhomes unless expressly specified by the Owner. Smoking in the motorhome without express permission will result in a fine equal to the value of a full valet service to remove any odour that may be left.

19. Breakdown

1. If the motorhome breaks down during a hire, it will be the responsibility of both you (referring to the Primary Driver, if different) and the Owner to organise recovery or assistance to fix the problem. You agree that you will not approve the reparation of a broken-down vehicle without express permission from the Owner unless otherwise stated in these Terms.

2. If the Owner is not available to discuss a breakdown or your need for recovery assistance, you are authorised to organise recovery or repairs up to and including £50.00 per fault. If the fault lies with the motorhome, and valid receipts are acquired and shown, this can be reimbursed to you from the Owner's Payment on completion of the hire.

3. If a repair is set to cost more than £50.00, you must not approve the work unless specifically discussed with the Owner. Any costs associated with these repairs may not be claimed back without the Owner's permission.

4. If the vehicle cannot be repaired within the Hire Period, you must organise the recovery of the vehicle to the Owner's home address before midnight on the Return Date. It is your responsibility to ensure the motorhome is safely returned to the Owner.

5. The Owner cannot accept responsibility for organising recovery or roadside assistance for any Hire.

6. The Owner of your chosen Motorhome may have purchased Breakdown Assistance that you can use. It is your responsibility to discuss the specifics of any such policies that are in place prior to the beginning of the Hire.

7. You will be responsible for the recovery and reperation costs of any breakdown that is a direct result of your own actions or negligence.

8. The Owner may be able to offer you an alternative vehicle or a refund for any Hire Days you miss as a result of a mechanical fault with the Motorhome that cannot be fixed within the Hire Period. Any refund offered is limited to the return of the total funds paid by you.

9. The Owner can accept responsibility for the payment of any fines, missed connections or charges that come as a result of a breakdown. It is highly recommended that you purchase travel insurance to cover these costs in the event of a breakdown.

20. Accident

1.     No responsibility is or can be accepted by the Owner for any loss or damage or expense that occurs as a result of any accident.

2.     If you (or the Primary Driver, if different) have been involved in an accident, you must not admit responsibility. You should obtain the names and addresses of all involved, including witnesses. You should also make the Motorhome secure, contact the police immediately if anyone is injured or if there is any disagreement regarding who is responsible. You must also contact the Owner as soon as possible.

3.     It will also be necessary for you to prepare an accident report and send copies to the Owner within 24 hours of the incident.

 21. Disclosure of Information

If you break the Rental Contract, we may make available the information you have provided to us to credit reference agencies, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA), debt collectors and any other relevant organisations. We are also entitled to pass this information on to the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA), who in turn can pass it on to any of its members for any purpose stated in the Data Protection Act 1998.

22. Ending the Rental Contract

1.     The Owner is entitled unilaterally to terminate immediately the Rental Contract by notice in writing to you if:

  1. any of these Terms are breached by you;

  2. you fail to remedy any breach having been requested to do so by the Owner;

  3. you are made bankrupt

2.     If the Owner ends the Rental Contract, it will not affect our right to receive any money owed under the Rental Contract, including under these Terms. At any time after the Owner has terminated the Rental Contract in accordance with this clause 21 or if you fail to return the Motorhome upon the Return Date, the Owner is entitled to repossess the Motorhome and charge you for doing so.

23. Feedback and Complaints

1.     You have the right to receive a high standard of cleanliness and service from your chosen Motorhome and it’s Owner. If these standards are not met, it is recommended that you contact the Owner to discuss your issue directly during the trip (or preferably, before you leave), as they may be able to offer a solution to your problem.

2.     You will be given the chance to offer official feedback about both the Motorhome and the Owner to us at the end of your trip. If the vehicle has been returned without damage or the need for an extension to the insurance, you will be sent a Feedback Request email.

3.     You are required to provide feedback within 48 hours of the Return Date.

4.     Any Feedback you provide to us will be passed to the Owner for comment. If compensation is requested, this will need to be discussed directly with the Owner.


 24. General

1.     These Terms, Rental Schedule and the Reservation Details set out the entire agreement relating to the rental of the Motorhome. You confirm that in entering into the Rental Contract you have not relied upon any representation of the Owner not set out in these Terms.

2.     These Terms are not intended to nor do they confer any right or entitlement on any third party whether under the Contract (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 or otherwise.

25. Jurisdiction

These Terms are governed in all respects by English Law and you submit to the jurisdiction of the English Courts.

Above are the Terms and Conditions 2018 Between Owners and Hirers.